Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 67

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16 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 67

  1. It’s too bad there seems to be a tendency to drag on, turning a good drama into a bad drama just to fill the episode “quota?” The story on the 小嫩薑 and 小杰 is more fun… No more Tim.

    • I don’t even understand why they keep going with the whole Tim story. 宇真already rejected his proposal, as if the mother forcing them to get married will be any better. 

    • 因为她的昏倒是因“婚倒”逼婚失败!脑瘤也是自己编的!!

  2. not interested in this drama anymore…
    i really like tim at the beginning of this drama but it seems like they are trying to push “yu chun and ah tat” together… so that they need to make tim become a bad person… lame… 

  3. 還有明達-宇真-Tim,三人的戯有必要托那麽長嗎?已經六十幾集了嘞!!幾乎每集里都有他們!!!有完沒完啊!

  4. Tim他媽,不要把沒有的說成真的哦!什麽腦瘤,下流就有!!只有宇真才會相信你!真是有夠爛的啦!!!

    • 只要明達放棄對宇真回頭的“希望”!方爸會幫忙促成,安倫也準備發動攻勢,但劇本看來好像不是這樣的……..

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