Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 63

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11 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 63

  1. 四人在大楼门口一边迎接客人一边说老板,真会掌握时间+办事有效率!老板还以为他们真在工作也!哈!

  2. why.. oh why …  taiwanese dramas like to promote ‘bimbo culture’, eg weak, brainless and yes cheap too. SAD …
    Bimbo-no-18-yuzhen is another example… buy me gifts, i am yours for ‘use’ … and when bimbo-no-27 comes she will be discarded ….. alas
    It is like a sign ‘bimbo for sale’ is written all over her forehead … in red and dollar sign.
    BIMBO OF THE WORLD… STAND UP … for once.

    • I don’t think that 宇真 is a brainless bimbo. She doesn’t like the gifts, it bothers her that Tim tries to please her by spending money. In my opinion 宇真’s flaw is that she’s messing with 明達’s head – she clearly knows that he’s in love with her.
      明達 should have stuck up for 安倫 more forcefully – he should have socked Tim in the nose for that rude behavior.

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