Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 61

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12 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 61

  1. 已经习惯的习惯是不容易改的,但只要知反省+用心悔改,一定可以的!剧情里的TIM、王善男是反向人物!是我们的人生的警钟!

  2. sigh I actually feel bad for Tim lol
    It feels like the writers are kinda trying to “force” 宇真 and 明達 together, and they’re getting lazy, so they just figured it’d be easier to 黑化 Tim
    Tim in the very beginning, though may come across over-confident or even cocky, was nevertheless an understanding, fair, caring, rational and at times humorous (along with his driver 小燦…whatever happened to him) person.  He was portrayed as a player until he met 宇真, where it was obvious his feelings for her were real and genuine.  He was willing to change for her to let go of his ego so he can better fit into her world.  But then the economic crisis happened, and all of a sudden he is no longer all the things that he was (except for the cockiness, he’s still got that).  但他變得不理智, 沒風度, 甚至會對他從以前都一直捧在手心上的宇真大小聲
    I don’t know…I just feel it’s not very convincing…this “change” to Tim’s personality

    But I still love the show and I love 明達 also, but just wish the writers would’ve used a more convincing way to pair up 達真

    •  aiyo …. u really like tacky-bully-tim …. lol
      u mixed being ‘bully’ as ‘over-confident+cocky’ …. alas
      u mixed ‘buying a gf’ as ‘understanding etc’ … hohoho
      u mixed being ‘tacky’ as humorous’ …. aiya
      don’t worry, bimbo-no-18-yu-zhen and tacky-freaky-bully-tim will be 2gether … they made for each other… that is taiwanese drama. 🙂
      bimbo+tacky jiayou ….. love it

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