Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 58

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27 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 58

  1. i seriously love this esp when the family members went out to have so much fun.. so nice.. love this shot so so much. if only they can always be like this without tim.. ah da.. jia you.. even though i think the other girl also suits you. but ten years of secret lover its not easy to let go. jia you jia you!!

  2. 最配方明達是……….江恬恬,她看到明達喊的最大聲、最開心,最自然的展現她的喜愛,也很直接說“明達叔叔的車是我的”!!哈!哈!just joking!

  3. tim已經跌過一跤了還不懂反省

  4. 真是欢乐的一集,终于看到明达笑得这么开心!

  5. I don’t like tim. :/ I like MINGDA better. And Ofc XIAOYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Although he’s annoying when he’s hei jie ke

  6. 明達 那么好
    宇真好苯哦。 明達处处为她找想 她都不珍惜。偏偏去跟tim 谈恋爱tim 很坏。 我讨厌他, 

  7. The best episode so far (for me anyways). Love to see 江家 interact with each other…and the part where everyone came out with water guns was the best 😉 

  8. TIM真是很小人!不知檢討,以自己的立場來看‘大家’。現實社會有很多像明達這樣的人啊!無論商場或天堂,如果只有你自己一人跑在前方,左右都無人,那不是很寂寞!!TIM眼裏只有“我耶”,“我耶”再跌跤應該沒再這麽好運了!!!下場應該很慘!!!!

    • from the beginning he already seemed like a 
      黑馬王子 (despite him being funny though)…which is why 江爸was always skeptical about him…just hopefully Tim realizes that sometimes he has to give in that everything turned out well because of him. 

    • i hate tim’s personality. cocky jerk, unappreciative, i want him to lose it all. even tho 真is really annoying me with her double standards and indecisive love relationships but..u know… she still deserve better than tim

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