Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 14

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17 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 14

  1. Alice Ke (Jiang Yuzheng) is not really that pretty.  Patrick Lee’s (Tim) girlfriend (Janel Cai) in real life is much prettier. 

  2. 怎麼,郭董辦公室後面播愛上巧克力,現在理髮廳也播愛上巧克力?不是愛錢愛錢嗎?變愛巧克力愛巧克力啦!   ───純屬完笑話───

  3. this is an interesting show and i’m impressed that the Tim guy can speak english pretty well considering he had never study abroad. However, i can’t help to notice that the scriptwriter did not take careful precaution in making sure that the sentence structure or the words used in the sentence formation of the english lines are correct. For example in this episode, instead of using “i’m staring at her”, it should be “i’m looking at her”.

    • “i’m staring at her” is neither correct nor wrong. The scriptwriter has the right to use whatever english words they want. Basically this sentence is not wrong. You don’t have to use particular words in order for it to be ‘correct’. It is the same for chinese isn’t it. Words are interchangeable. As long as it is grammatically correct I think it’s fine. 

      • i guess i’m just not used to hearing so much english lines in a taiwan drama. Anyway, it’s a good show after all. =)

        • haha. I hope it gets better and better. By the way, if you really want to find errors in their english, it would be this.. “let the show goes on.” This is grammatically wrong. It should be “let the show go on”. 

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